Fe-chloride solutions can be regenerated when Fe is

a) Fe(2+) with classic Pyrohydrolysis (Sprayroaster or Fluid bed). But impurities from the process like Zn, Si, etc. create big troubles.

b) Fe(3+) with “hydrothermal” process - hydrolysis of FeCl3 to Fe2O3 at elevated temperature.

In most cases Fe containing ores or e.g. EAFD contain  a mixture of Fe(2+) and Fe(3+), in this case Fe(2+) must be oxidized prior to hydrolysis.

Pureox provides new (protected) process for oxidation of Fe(2+) to Fe(3+) which is much more efficient and economic than other oxidation technologies


grafik eferox          POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS:
  • Fe pickling solutions containing 
    • Zn (galvanizers)
    • Si (electrical steel - GO or NGO)
  • Regeneration of Fe-chloride in ORE LEACHING SOLUTIONS containing mixture of Fe2+ and Fe3+  for
    • Ni  (Laterites, Saprolites, etc.)
    • Ti (Ilmenites, etc.) and many more
  •  Regeneration of HCl in ELECTRIC ARC FURNACE DUST treatment