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The Company







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our company 

  • Long term experience in industrial design and plant technology
  • Providing concepts for number of plants for global market leaders
  •  Development of new processes, many patent applications
  •  Specialized in technologies for industrial chloride chemistry
  • Team of Technologists:    
    • Dr. Wilfried Szokol   Chemist  -  Technology Partner
    • Dr. Gerhard Frithum   Chemist  -  CEO
  • Special technologies for         
    • Steel pickling
    • Acid Regeneration plants (Fluid Bed and Sprayroaster)
    • High Purity Ferric Oxide 
    • classic MgCl2 regeneration plants (TSS)
    • HCl technologies for Hydrometallurgy
    • Bio Based Organic Acids - MgCl2 - regeneration "downstream"  
  • Consulting  services for 
    • Steel Pickling Process
    • Acid Regeneration Plants
    • High Purity Ferric Oxide Production
  • Supply of New Plants for new Processes and Applications
    • New highly economic process for HCl regeneration from Fe-chloride
    • New highly economic special process for HCl regeneration from MgCl2-brine
  • Hydrometallurgical applications
    • Conceptual Engineering
    • Pilot Tests 
    • Basic Design 
  • Concepts for Bio Based Organic Acids Downstream Processing using MgCl2-Regeneration