HXTSS – concentrated acid MgCl2-regeneration

 Pureox has developed recently built classic MgCl2-regeneration (TSS) for (Bio Based) Organic Acid Production.

Classic TSS is proven technology, but has many drawbacks, especially for hydrometallurgical applications:


NEW PROCESS HXTSS  (patent applied)

 (concentrated acid thermal salt splitting)

  • high concentration of regenerated acid HCl possible > 22%
  •  low offgas volumes:
    • less emissions
    • smaller equipment size (CAPEX saving)
  •  less evaporation in the reactor
    • less energy consumption (less OPEX)
  •  less water consumption in the overall process
  •  efficient removal of Na or K possible prior to HXTSS process
  • Pilot plant available scheduled 03/2015