This new developed process provides highly economic treatment of especially Fe-containing ores or electric arc furnace dust (EAFD) to extract the valuable metals

This process route contains 2 new process steps which make this process economic compared to existing technologies, the following advantages:

  • Leaching with HCl dissolves practically all valuable metals
  • Very sharp separation of valuables
    • low impurities
    • high prices
  • Separation by pH-adjustment (precipitation or SX) with Mg(OH)2 solution
  • New process for FeClx – Regeneration to produce high concentration HCl - EFEROX
  • New process for resulting MgCl2 – regeneration - HXTSS
  • Producing high conc. regenerated HCl. Superazeotropic (>20%) acid is necessary
    •  for effective leaching 
    • to avoid expensive evaporation steps
  • Complete valorisation of by-products 
  • Regeneration of all consumeables,
    • Energy only needed
    • no significant wastes produced
    • logistic saving

       grafik hxtss